Field trip!

We had a phenomenal first field trip of the year.  We started out at the Moose Jaw landfill where we learned that Moose Jaw produces 300 tonnes of garbage every day!  We found out that in 2017, our current landfill will be full and will need to be expanded.  It is estimated that 100 tonnes of recyclable and compostable material is added to the landfill every week.

From there we went to our Community Garden plot.  The amazing people at the community garden gave us a tour, got us to harvest carrots from the community plot and helped us harvest pumpkins from our plot.  We also harvested a sunflower and cleaned up the tomato and herb plants.

Then we went to the Free to be Me Animal Sanctuary where we dropped off corn stalks from the garden to feed the animals.  This was one example of waste diversion.  Instead of taking the dead corn stalks to the landfill, we gave them to the animals!

IMG_5572 carrots IMG_5580 IMG_5586 alpaca

OREO Stacking (Take 1)

IMG_5492 IMG_5494 IMG_5499 IMG_5513 IMG_5518

In this project, classrooms around the world try to stack as many OREOS as possible.  Students first make a prediction about how many they think they will be able to stack and then they have two tries.  We had Skype conversations with two classrooms, on in the USA and one in Canada about our OREO stacking technique.  This activity fit into our unit on Data Management as we used tally marks to record our results.