The Story of Treaty 4

Students have been hard at work creating movies on our classroom iPads to show what they have learned about the signing of Treaty 4. This project covers a wide range of learning outcomes:
Treaty Education: Explore the benefits that each of the parties to treaty enjoy. (HC3)
Speaking-ELA: Create multimedia texts that include a main idea, beginning, middle and end, and appropriate use of language. (CC3.1c)
Representing-ELA: Demonstrate understanding of the topic in a variety of ways. (CC3.2a)
Drama: Use language purposefully when speaking in role. (CP3.3d)
Digital Citizenship: Use social media tools (YouTube) for communication purposes. (Education: Gr. 3-5: Do)

This project also addresses the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #10
vii: Respecting and Honouring Treaty Relationships.

Heart Garden Update




We are extremely grateful to Tollifson Cable Services who installed a 120′ water supply line and irrigation system for us. Wow! What an incredible gift for the garden!

Our Fantastic Fieldtrip to Regina

On April 12th we went to Regina on a fieldtrip.


We went to see the orchestra first. It was at the Conexus Art Centre. The Centre is humongous. We sang with the orchestra.There were lots of people there. There were 1500 students that came. It was sold out! We wondered “Are Symphony concerts always sold out?” Some kids played the recorders. We saw Marie-Noelle and Mrs. Tenford there. They played in the orchestra. We also saw a famous singer there, named Sophie Bouchard.


Then we went to the park outside of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and had lunch.



After lunch, we went into the museum and split into groups. We learned about what First Nations used for weapons a long time ago.




We saw the Treaty 4 medals.


We also got to see Mega Munch!

Our fieldtrip was super duper fun. It was an extraordinary adventure! Unforgettable!

Tonight’s Homework: Prepare to Vote Tomorrow!


Tomorrow, our class will be participating in the Student Vote program. Student Vote is a parallel election for students under the voting age, coinciding with federal, provincial, territorial and municipal elections. The purpose is to provide young Canadians with an opportunity to experience the voting process firsthand and build the habits of informed and engaged citizenship.

Students in several classes at Palliser Heights, including ours, will be casting a ballot in this parallel election tomorrow afternoon.

Students from across Saskatchewan had the opportunity to submit questions to the party leaders. On the Student Vote website, there are videos of the five selected questions being answered by all the registered political parties running candidates in the 2016 provincial election. We watched two of the questions today in class but did not have enough time to watch them all. We are trying to understand what each party stands for and which party best reflects our own values.

Please consider watching these videos and discussing the upcoming provincial election with your child instead of doing the regular homework tonight. Also please think about taking your child with you when you vote on April 4th.