The World is Our Audience #twima2

“When children create for the world they make it good. When they only create for their teacher they make it good enough.”
-Rushton Hurley

Everyone dreams! Some of our dreams are scary. Some of our dreams are happy. Some of our dreams are thoughts and wishes of what we want to become or what we want the world to be. Our class has participated in helping write the eBook, The World Is My Audience 2: Dreams Around The World. It’s a book of dreams. We wrote chapter 21. If you have an Apple device you can download it on iTunes and read it in the iBook app.

Relief efforts in Nepal

Today we had the great opportunity to hear Mr. Brian Wilson, Moose Jaw’s deputy fire chief, talk about his experience in Nepal after the most recent earthquake. He just returned from Nepal last week after helping coordinate relief efforts there. We learned a lot about what engaged citizenship looks like from this presentation.