Despite a late start due to a flu-related incident, we got to the arena and had a blast skating around.  Thanks to all the parents who helped out tying skates. We really couldn’t have done it without you!

Skyping with New Brunswick

After many hours of problem solving and a few trips to Staples, we were finally able to Skype with our Smartboard!  Many thanks to our vice-principal, Mr. McLean, who finally got it all working yesterday.  This morning we had a Skype appointment with a gr. 4/5 class in Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick.  In Social Studies, we are comparing different communities.  Talking with Ms. Jones’ class allowed us to learn a lot about the community of Cambridge Narrows.  We learned that there is no “Main Street” there, only a highway.  And that the nearest Wal-Mart is in Fredericton, an hour away by car.  They have one restaurant, The Holiday, but no McDonalds.  There are around 800 people who live there.


Presentation on Using Blogs as Digital Portfolios

This weekend Mme Kreuger attended an on-line conference about using technology in the classroom. One of the sessions was presented by Westmount’s teacher, Kathy Cassidy. She did a presentation about using student blogs as digital portfolios. She did a really great job of explaining why digital portfolios are important and gave some tools for creating them. This is something that our class will be starting in the coming weeks. This presentation may be interesting for parents to watch. Here is the link:

A visit from our Mayor



We had a really interesting presentation from our city’s Mayor, Mr. Glenn Hagel.  He spoke a bit about how to choose a good career.  In 25 years, he predicts that the students in our class will be working in careers we probably haven’t even heard of yet.  For this reason, he says it is important to try to learn as much as you can at school because you never know what skills you will need in the future.  He also says it’s important to read and added his own favourite book to our wiki!