The cloche worked!

Collage-July24 copy

After a week away in Vancouver, the garden is looking FABULOUS!  Thanks to all the parents and staff who helped out!  Also, our cloche seems to have worked as our newest pumpkin seedlings are doing well.  I took the cover off today and that may have been a mistake as the winds tonight have been fierce!  I also added the worm castings (compost) from one of our worm bins to the pumpkins.

Castings  ( in big silver bowl) & pumpkin seedlings



Trying out a row cover (cloche)

We’ve had great luck growing our own seedlings in our classroom garden with our fabulous 600W light and huge windows.  However, we have NOT had much success transplanting the seedlings.  Our plan is to have pumpkins to harvest in the fall.  Unfortunately, so far every pumpkin seedling transplant has died!   Luckily the 3 directly-sown seeds are doing well.  Hardening off didn’t seem to help the last seedling.  So today I bought and installed a row cover over our last 4 pumpkin seedling transplants.  Here’s to hoping!  (Incidentally, the root of the problem may be that I didn’t put a fan on the seedlings earlier enough.  Next time!)July 13