#GRABilly Ch. 2 of Sister


Billy’s parents left to go to Chicago for Papa’s art show.  Ned and Billy were going to have a sleepover but Ned threw up.  They were going to stay up all night so Ned told Billy he could stay up all night by himself.  Billy’s babysitter came and her name is Gabby.  Gabby, Billy and Sal hopped in the car and they were off to the restaurant, Ruby’s Cupboard, to have supper.

There were people celebrating a birthday at the restaurant.  Sal wanted to celebrate something.  Billy got a dragon’s pearl from school and an envelope with a dragon stamp on it because they were celebrating Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon.  They celebrated the Year of the Dragon at the restaurant by having ice cream and making dragon faces.  They talked about sending the envelope to Ms. Silver.  Sal thought the pearl was magical.  Billy did not want to give Sal the pearl.

Voting Day at Palliser Heights!!!

We have spent last the two weeks discussing the federal election. We have discussed the different parties, who their leaders are and who their local representatives are. We have learned that we vote for local representatives and not party leaders. We have discussed the different parties’ platforms and talked about what each candidate stands for. Today we did this questionnaire to figure out where each of us stood on the political spectrum.  Then we finally got to vote in a simulated election at Palliser Heights School!

We have learned that you need photo ID to be able to vote. So we all got some very special photo ID!

This is our polling station.

Voting is private. No one can watch you vote

We tallied the votes together. These are our results:



We are excited to talk to our families about voting and hear what our parents have to say. We can’t wait to see the results from the real federal election on Monday night!!!

Our First Skype Call!


We spoke with a classroom of Grade 3 students in Arizona today via Skype.  First we had to guess where they were and then we got to talk to them about our Global Read Aloud book, The Year of Billy Miller.  They had some of the same predictions that we did!

Our predictions for Chapter 3 (Part 1)


We think Billy is going to be doing a lot of art in Grade 2 because his school is named after a famous artist, Georgia O’Keeffe.  We looked up her art work and we really like all the flowers!  Maybe they will be painting a lot of flowers.

Another of our predictions is that Billy will remember that his mom is worried that he’ll start forgetting things and that will make Billy worried.

Also, we wonder if the lump on his head will make kids start bullying him.

The Year of Billy Miller Part 1: Teacher, Ch.1


At the start of the book, Billy Miller went to Blue Earth, Minnesota and he climbed up to the Green Giant statue. It was so windy, his hat flew off. He tried to grab it and he fell. He woke up in the hospital with a big bump on his head. His mom and dad were talking about whether Billy would forget things. Billy is worried that he won’t do very well in Grade 2.

His dad read the letter from Billy’s teacher and it said that it was the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. But Billy’s dad said that he thought it was actually the Year of Billy Miller.

On travaille avec les carottes

We harvested a lot of carrots during our fieldtrip to our community garden plot last week. Today we sketched and wrote about harvesting carrots. Then we washed and prepared them for freezing. We are going to work with a local chef to turn our harvest into a delicious meal in the near future.