We Are Silent

Everyone did an amazing job of being silent for 4 periods today for We Are Silent Day! This is a fundraiser for Free The Children.

We were truly inspired by Mrs. Tenford’s presentation about her visit to Pimbiniet, Kenya. Last year, Palliser Heights raised over $10,000 to build a one room school-house in this community, to add to their current school complex. Now they have been able to reduce their class size to just 57 students per classroom! Over the summer Mrs. Tenford helped build the school, so she was able to share lots of pictures about what life is like in Pimbiniet.


This year Palliser Heights is hoping to raise $5,000 to build a well in the community. Currently the only drinking water is at the school, which is at the top of a mountain. When students are finished their school day, their chore is to carry their family’s drinking water home.

Donations are due by January 28th. Please help us build this well!