Our Fantastic Fieldtrip to Regina

On April 12th we went to Regina on a fieldtrip.


We went to see the orchestra first. It was at the Conexus Art Centre. The Centre is humongous. We sang with the orchestra.There were lots of people there. There were 1500 students that came. It was sold out! We wondered “Are Symphony concerts always sold out?” Some kids played the recorders. We saw Marie-Noelle and Mrs. Tenford there. They played in the orchestra. We also saw a famous singer there, named Sophie Bouchard.


Then we went to the park outside of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and had lunch.



After lunch, we went into the museum and split into groups. We learned about what First Nations used for weapons a long time ago.




We saw the Treaty 4 medals.


We also got to see Mega Munch!

Our fieldtrip was super duper fun. It was an extraordinary adventure! Unforgettable!

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