The Story of Treaty 4

Students have been hard at work creating movies on our classroom iPads to show what they have learned about the signing of Treaty 4. This project covers a wide range of learning outcomes:
Treaty Education: Explore the benefits that each of the parties to treaty enjoy. (HC3)
Speaking-ELA: Create multimedia texts that include a main idea, beginning, middle and end, and appropriate use of language. (CC3.1c)
Representing-ELA: Demonstrate understanding of the topic in a variety of ways. (CC3.2a)
Drama: Use language purposefully when speaking in role. (CP3.3d)
Digital Citizenship: Use social media tools (YouTube) for communication purposes. (Education: Gr. 3-5: Do)

This project also addresses the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #10
vii: Respecting and Honouring Treaty Relationships.

Heart Garden Update




We are extremely grateful to Tollifson Cable Services who installed a 120′ water supply line and irrigation system for us. Wow! What an incredible gift for the garden!