The Difficulty of Fitting In

Today we had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Thakre, a speaker from Passages Canada. Mr. Thakre talked to us about some of the challenges children face when they immigrate to Canada.  Mr. Thakre came to Canada as a 10 year old boy who was passionate about cricket but knew nothing about Canadian sports. We learned a lot about immigration, geography and the importance of being kind and understanding to new students.

Mystery Skype

We had a Skype call with another classroom this morning. We had no idea where they were! Students in each classroom took turns asking Yes or No questions. We found out:
1. They were in North America.
2. They were in Canada.
3. They were in the Yukon.
4. They were in Whitehorse!

What made this even more fun was that it was another grade 3 French Immersion class! So we did our whole Mystery Skype call in French!

Feast and Round Dance